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Spoken English Program for Homemakers - Aug 2019 – Feb 2020

Google’s definition of homemaker goes like this: A person, especially a woman who manages a home. Being a homemaker is not an easy job as one has to strike a perfect balance between supervising house activities as well as work out some time for your own self. She can think about herself and her dreams only during her “Me Time”. Some of these dreams would be of restarting their own professions. Some of these dreams would be to build confidence in communication, better their English language skills and transform themselves to become a homepreneur.

Today many women actively organize or attend kitty parties and social gatherings. They feel out of place among the young group of English-speaking women. The language barrier makes them reluctant to commence a conversation with other women. Also, homemakers may feel helpless and under confident when they cannot converse in English with their kids or kid’s friends or other parents during school meets.

Homemakers believe that learning English will provide them with ample opportunity to help them acquire the confidence they need. This belief has strengthened the need of learning Spoken English in their personal and social life. The “ME TIME” is now used for self-empowerment and self-upgradation.

Nirmiti Academy was happy to serve as a learning platform for two such ambitious and hardworking homemakers, who paved their paths to self-development. Shaila More, a homemaker and also a professional baker from Thane came to Nirmiti Academy with a lot of hopes and ambitions. Her dream was to start a cooking class of her own and also her own Youtube channel. But it was only English communication that was pulling her back from achieving her dreams. The three months program of Basic Spoken English came with a lot of challenges for Shaila.

One of which was to manage the family duties and responsibilities and yet find time for herself. She thus decided to extend the program further by two more months. This extensive program helped her to become more confident and articulate her views and opinions in a meaningful manner.

Also, Nirmiti Academy was happy and proud to provide a platform to showcase her talent of cooking and baking. She satisfied sweet tooth of many Nirmiti-ites with her delectable cakes and muffins. Nirmiti Academy was instrumental in adding a feather in her cap and help her to transform from a homemaker to homepreneur.

Priyanka Gupta, another homemaker from the same batch, having come from Uttar Pradesh, found it difficult to adjust and adapt herself in Mumbai. She completed her Post-Graduation in Chemistry from Faridabad. Her dream was to pursue her B.Ed. in Mumbai. Priyanka’s dream was to become a teacher in Chemistry in Mumbai. But her lack of knowledge in English language and her failure to communicate made the way to her dream a rocky one.

To smoothen her path to her dream, Nirmiti Academy was happy to help her think and speak in English. The immense support from her husband and family guided her to approach and join Nirmiti Academy. The 3 months of Spoken English Program helped her to overcome the fear of speaking in English, enjoy the learning process and gave her a better insight of the language.

The Spoken English Program covered Basic Grammar, Situational Vocabulary and rigorous speaking practice was done through various interactive activities like Group Discussions, Role-Plays, Presentations etc. Fun-based topics and speaking activities too were done in order to ensure the application of the Grammar and Vocabulary.

The learning outcomes of the program were:

Increased level of confidence

Construction of grammatically correct sentences

Overcoming the fear to speak in public

Ready to take the plunge as an Entrepreneur and a professional

If you are a homemaker looking out to flex your wings and become a confident English speaker, then this Spoken English Program is the most suitable one for you! You will never have to feel embarrassed anymore to speak in English. With Nirmiti Academy’s approach, you will refresh yourself with a lot of innovative, fun-based experiential activities.

The programs are highly customized and flexible to allow you to adapt yourself in a better learning, interactive and conducive speaking environment. The micro batch facility helps you to get the individual attention required for learning the language on a daily basis.

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Spoken English Program for Homemakers - Aug 2019 – Feb 2020

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