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Spoken English Program – Basic – Students and Homemakers – Classroom batch - March 2020

English has become an indispensable language to achieve all kinds of professional and academic goals. Whether you are simply starting out in English or you need some motivation to keep going, understanding the significance of the language will help you attain fluency and transform your life. Regardless of what career path you choose to pursue, learning English is a significant skill. It will assist you with improving as a more sought – after employee as well as an all – rounder.

The extensive three months of Basic level of Spoken English Program proved to be a game – changer for the dedicated batch of learners who joined Nirmiti Academy in December 2019 with a lot of ambitions and hopes. The three months learning journey of this batch continued till March 2020. This journey was filled up with moments of happiness, fun – filled team building activities and knowledge sharing. We still are waiting to bid an official farewell to this batch due to the current uncertainty of the COVID – 19 lockdown situation in the state.

Deepak Prajapati joined this program of Spoken English with Nirmiti Academy with high hopes and dreams in his mind to overcome his fear and nervousness of English language. He worked hard on his grammar basics and vocabulary with Nirmiti Academy with the right practice and dedication that one requires to put into towards learning and practising English. Continuous presentations and intensive speaking activities helped him gradually to become a confident English speaker and gave him the courage to interact with others in the right way. Nirmiti Academy became a turning point in Deepak’s life by way of his securing a new job at a leading bank in Thane.

Sumit Dhanke, a young Engineering student from Kinhavli, a small village in Shahapur Taluka travelled around 150 kilometres daily to achieve his objective of learning and mastering English language. He never gave up his hope and kept up his hard work to speak English effortlessly. The perfect vocabulary practice and sentence construction activities along with emphasis on the Grammar basics helped him to refine his English speaking ability. Presentation skills were simply yet another benefit of the Spoken English Program for Sumit as it helped him greatly to perform well in his Engineering pursuits.

Priyanka Ghosh was another Bengali homemaker who joined this program with a great willpower whose only objective was to attain English fluency and improve her pronunciation skills. As she came to the Mayanagari of Mumbai with her husband, she also carried along some dreams with her to this city. Having completed her B.Ed, it was her dream to become an efficient teacher of Physics and to achieve that dream, she had to master English. This objective bought her to Nirmiti Academy and she set off her learning journey with Nirmiti Academy dedicatedly. Her active participation in all the team - building and interactive activities only helped her to build up her confidence. It gave her the right platform to showcase her speaking skills. Nirmiti Academy also worked closely with her to work on neutralizing her accent and improving her pronunciations. Her commitment towards the learning never stopped her from improving every time.

The learning outcomes of the program were as follows:

Greater self-confidence to speak English fearlessly

Meaningful sentence construction

Improve English fluency along with accent neutralization

Better vocabulary and phrases as per the situations

Enhanced conversational ability

Nirmiti Academy was extremely delighted to conduct the Basic Spoken English Program for these diverse learners. The micro batch and training methodologies adopted to turnaround their challenges indeed augmented their learning experience. The intensive speaking practice moulded them to be natural English speakers and also helped them to develop their communication skills and confidence. Their constant commitment and drive to change brought them closer to achieving their career goals too.

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Spoken English Program – Basic – Students and Homemakers – Classroom batch - March 2020

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