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Spoken English Program for Students and Homemakers – Oct 2019 – Jan 2020

Spoken English Course is not only for those who work in a 9AM – 9PM format but also for those who are taking a professional education and plan to go abroad or simply are home managers on a sabbatical. Gone are those days when this program was possibly required and availed by the affluent. It is an essential need felt by many people in our neighborhood who wish to upskill and improve their English speaking capabilities. Gaining fluency and accuracy in speaking English in their daily life becomes more of a need and less of a want when one could be devoid of few opportunities either at work, social life or academics.

The extensive three months program in Spoken English aims to uild fluency and bring accuracy in your speaking as well as help you to enjoy the process of learning English language once again. Academically, we may have taken a core or an optional subject in English language however, there are many who feel loss of words and confidence when they are put to test. It is a fish out of water experiences that suck out their energy and confidence. This program was built for common people – homemakers, students or entrepreneurs with this goal in mind - to help learners speak English fluently and confidently in social and personal situations.

Some of the expectations our learners come up with:

Learn English to present well in all academic performances and projects

Get into good schools / universities abroad

Leverage sabbatical and career breaks to upskill themselves

Crack an interview confidently to bag that first job!

For this batch, our learners were quite diverse yet synced in their capabilities. Akash Jaiswal who completed HSC from Intercollege Kaptanganj, Uttar Pradesh came to Thane to his paternal uncle’s place to pursue work options. To acquaint himself to Speaking English with more accuracy and confidence, he availed Nirmiti Academy’s Basic Spoken English program for three months. This program sparked him enough to confidently speak on his resume, give varied presentations and take necessary steps for his career.

Rutuja Ghorpade who completed MBA in HR and Finance from Bharti Vidyapeeth, Kolhapur came to Thane after her marriage. She had taken a break in her career to settle herself with her personal responsibilities and was on a lookout for a job position. Holding herself as a shy and quiet person, she needed to build her confidence. Her writing skills and commitment helped her tremendously to grasp and come out of her comfort zone. She was fairly confident to use English language in her discussions and presentations after completing her three months of curriculum with us.

Murtaza Duhawala, a 2nd year student of Diploma in Information Technology, Muchchala Polytechnic, Thane, was indeed a matured and highly aware student. His aspirations to complete his Diploma education successfully and fly abroad for pursuing future studies brought him to Nirmiti Academy to shape his attitude, personality and language skills. As rightly said by him, “Nirmiti Academy’s Program was like a snap of Thanos”! It shook him out of his resistance to be approachable and made his approaches to communication far kinder and pleasant. His passion for making presentations on Keynote application in his Macbook simply came handy in presentation work and the handholding taught him varied techniques to be a confident speaker in English.

The program was exclusively designed for these learners keeping their current abilities and the gaps along with their future goals. They were highly engaged in speaking practice sessions, reading, listening, and comprehension exercises with grammar basics in customised and focussed ways. They benefited out of individual and group work and continuous feedback sessions.

If you are a student and feel difficulty in speaking English fearlessly, or if you want to crack that interview that will kickstart your career, or simply pursue future studies then this Spoken English course is highly beneficial for your overall personality!

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Spoken English Program for Students and Homemakers – Oct 2019 – Jan 2020

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