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Women's Day and Holi Celebration - March 2020

March month has always been remarkable in its own ways. Firstly, it welcomes the soulful celebration of Womens’ Day at Nirmiti Academy. Secondly, it marks the festivities of Holi and Gudi Padwa, which are auspicious spiritually and by the calendar to kickstart all new businesses and initiatives. Thirdly, we launched our Business Associate program for women – homemakers, entrepreneurs, and students. The program empowers them to kickstart their career in Training and aids them with many skills and benefits. Finally, we kickstarted Empowering W 3.0 on Womens’ Day which marks the 3rd year anniversary of Nirmiti Academy from its inception. And to add to our zeal and recognition, we got shortlisted amongst hundreds of applications of Women Entrepreneurs in the category Fitness and Wellness at SheUnltd. Entrepreneur Awards 2019-20 – a Times Initiative on 16th March.

The Womens’ Day Celebration at the Professional Training Centre was planned on 10th March with human chain created by our students of Personality Development and Business Professionals. Special thank you to Vaidehi Godse, lawyer and taxation consultant who joined Business English course at Nirmiti Academy. She gave her support to #eachforequal and followed by all the students of Personality Development. We pledged our support to all wonderful women of our lives by gushing on topics right from menstruation, work life balance, sexuality, sabbaticals, moms at work etc. We also gave a shout out to woman of our life that made a remarkable difference in our lives. Appreciation poured out but the one heartfelt conversation by our Nirmiti team member, Ruchi Nirbhavne for our Director and her mentor, Dipti Deepak was quite special.

Spreading the joy further, all Nirmiti team, interns and students celebrated Team lunch at Bagel Café, Paanchpakhadi, Thane. With soulful conversations over bagels and more, it was a wonderful opportunity to welcome new students and set the stage for the old ones to graduate to their Assessment weeks at Nirmiti Academy. We did not forget to sum our celebration with a dash and sprinkle of Holi colours and signed off with memories that warmed our hearts and souls.

To have trained equal and a little over women students till date, 104 women has been a fantastic achievement! #eachtoequal campaign in the corporate industry talked on similar lines. You do not have to be anti-men to be pro-women! Supporting gender equality will only make this world a better place to live and thrive. There is a ‘her’ in every ‘hero’ and we wished our best wishes to every woman who has been a conscious part of Nirmiti Academy. Live this day and love yourself, now and beyond!

Empowering W 3.0 initiative also kickstarted with a bang! Through Empowering W platform is aimed at celebrating and impacting women and society at large with inspiring stories of women achievers, shapers and influencers. In association with Thaneweb, we kickstarted this initiative with live chats and digital interviews with women leaders from several walks of life. The world needs stronger women and that’s exactly we showcased through our two interviews held with Mrs. Suman Vijayakar, art connoiseur and face of Vibrant Women and other such initiatives and Dr. (Mrs.) Suchitra Naik, Director / Principal of KG Bedekar College of Arts and Commerce. We also released an inspiring series of posts on our socials inviting women achievers to share their inspiring tales with us.

Along with Women’s Day, we encouraged a quick getaway with our students to celebrate Holi in small and finite ways. Colours are a consicous part of our Personality! That added a feather in our ‘Happiness Intitiatives 2019-20’ and a well deserved stress buster for all! We certainly stand for happy and safe holi with minimum usage of organic colours and wish all our well wishers and followers a splendid celebration of Holi with their loved ones!

Nirmiti team will look forward to more such happiness initiatives with students and internal stakeholders in months to come! We are looking forward to yet another celebration on our completing 2.5 years at the Training Centre on Akshay Trithiya in April. Till then, keep reading and sharing our work with all your networks. Keep yourself updated with release of new programs on Online platforms soon!

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Women's Day and Holi Celebration - March 2020