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Accelerated Spoken English Program – Crash Course – Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

Accelerated Spoken English Fluency Crash Course has stemmed from the contemporary need of gaining fluency in shorter duration of time due to sudden career plans and blooming opportunities. This program was built with one goal in mind - to help learners speak English fluently and confidently in shorter duration.

Some of the goals learners have in mind:

Learn English to travel to an international destination

Get into good schools / universities

Leverage vacation plan with improved fluency goals

Crack an interview to step onto the ladder of success

The penultimate objectives of both our learners was to Speak English fluently in a business environment. Two diverse learners were brought together and were prepared to use English language in different ways. Pragati Dhakad, was preparing for her final CA examinations. While awaiting her results in Jan 2020, she was strongly motivated to pursue this course to work on her language skills and bring confidence in all conversational situations in her career ahead.

English is a go-to language. A recent survey of Linkedin revealed that 90% of the Directors, CMOs and CEOs claimed that English speaking is beneficial to their businesses. When our student, Prashant Shinde consulted Nirmiti Academy on how one can customise a program suitable to his current need – as an IT professional and at the onset of deputation opportunity, he wanted to not only work on his little errors but also bring fluidity and fluency in his spoken English. Daily practice sessions were planned on Grammar, vocabulary, speaking lessons and presentation topics helped him immensely to work on his language fluency and accuracy. he has and you will practice talking about and describing pictures in a natural way. Conducting discussions and topic presentations amidst professionals and senior leaders, he started giving importance to finer details and overcoming tiny errors.

The program was exclusively designed for both the learners keeping their current abilities, future goals and timelines to be achieved. To build up your confidence in using this language in professional scenarios, one needs to engage in Speaking Practice. Focussing on reading, listening, speaking and comprehension in customised and time-bound ways was one of the major challenges.

However, both the students, Prashant and Pragati showed commitment and completed their entire program within two months. We stood up to their expectations and set a lineup of daily speaking sessions, interesting presentations and grammar practice to bring fluency and confidence.

The cherry on the cake was indeed to see them graduate with flying colours from the Academy along with their own personal and professional milestones!

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Accelerated Spoken English Program – Crash Course – Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

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