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Outdoor Team Building Program for Class X and XII, June 2019

Over the years, of all the age groups, students are at that awkward time where they don’t know if they are children, adults, or somewhere in between. Some are coming out of their shells and becoming more social while others still haven’t figured the importance of overall Personality development yet. Many of them prefer to work in silos and be selective of their social networks. These students lack the right environment, exposure and the need to collaborate and co-opt. They are judgemental as well as reclusive. What a perfect age to introduce such activities through their Personality Development Program that encourage the right mixture of Independence and Team Building.

Team building allows our students to work together in social situations just as they would in the classroom, their daily lives, or down the road in their competitive projects or at workplace. How often are they challenged with a task to do with others where they don’t know how to work in these situations? Team building challenges students to problem solve and execute working with others in a team with varied challenges. It shows them how to be accountable and take due ownership even when the going gets tough. Free-spirited activities and childhood games at the outdoor were primarily designed for these young energetic souls. A month-long initiative of bringing the design and the learning objectives with outdoor environment opportunities brought an enterprising and high-powered program model!

Collating the learning needs of over 18 students of Class X and XII Personality Development courses of this Summer, Nirmiti Academy initiated organising an outdoor Trekking excursion with Meets Up Adventure Trek. With their expertise in arranging a trek to Yeoor Hills got us to begin our excursion from Sanjay Gandhi Forest Nature Park Gate entry to exploring the flora and fauna and captivating greenscapes at the top of Yeoor Hills. Trek started at 7.00 AM enthusiastically where Nirmiti Academy's Team of 18 students, our training coordinator, our Director, Mrs. Dipti Deepak along with Mr. Rajesh and Neha Bonde from Meets Up Adventure began climbing up the hill. The spirit of We-ness got translated into wellness literally while each of us went huffing and puffing through the steep turns and climbs, helping and inspiring each other, chattily pooling all the energy and fun. Analogical and creative introduction game followed by more energy games were played. Freee dance was a true stealer of animated moments. Great bonding, small talks and heightened team spirit amongst all the kids were the takeaways of this engaging morning. This joyful morning was well captured in silly and memorable picture moments with more hashtags.

Learnings of the Team Building Program were:


Improvement of vocabulary

Strengthen your heart and lungs

Hone concentration

Push the envelope

Appreciate and take breath of fresh air in Greener Thane

Team work

Get to know each other yet again

Some Me - time

Capture memories of lifetime!

Nirmiti Academy was proud to arrange such an Outdoor Team Bonding program for our students where we simply created magic with grit, strength, fun times, soul energy and many firsts! We so look forward to arranging more such engagement initiatives in the coming months.

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Outdoor Team Building Program for Class X and XII, June 2019

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