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Business Communication Program - April to July 2019

Communication plays a very crucial role in all aspects of business and efficiently brings people and processes together. The communicative patterns are either internal or external and needs equal attention to efficacy and resulting effects. With internal communication, you may deal with staff and bosses in meetings or writing emails or texts. Whereas, with external communication, you are dealing with suppliers, clients, vendors, or other businesses.

Irrespective of the situation, internal or external, every communication if not handled effectively can result to conflicts and loss of business or good will. Further, if you are dealing with multinational and multi geographical, your stakes and complexities in communication get augmented with the paucity of visual context.

Effective business communication helps build a good relationship between the employer and the staff, helps to increase productivity and finally the bottom line. Poor communication in business can result in a number of unforeseen problems and bad image, including disgruntled customers, delayed projects, diminishing productivity, unhappy employees, greater misunderstandings and conflicts and more.

Therefore, at Nirmiti Academy, we conduct Business Communication for professionals , influencers and managers with experience below 10 years who have the ability to collaborate with various stakeholders and run effective business processes.

The success of the project or business is only dependent upon the abilities of these influencers to build trust, encourage teamwork, listen and respond effectively to the needs of the staff and clients, instill business processes and make necessary amendments as per the desired tasks.

The importance of business communication is one of those skills that are often overlooked. Most people assume that as long as you can type a sentence or have a voice, you can communicate. For profitable business models, effective communication on several levels is required. Otherwise, not only does the business suffer internally, but the bottom line will take a hit as well. Your image and investment are at stake.

Irrespective of the sectors and specialised nature of your business, effective communication process largely help to attract new customers, grow your customer base and retain the existing one. An social media startup business thrives on effective communication standards followed by a close-knit team of doers and managers across geographies.

Another importance of effective communication in organisations such as IT and Exports is improved business partnership. Communication is crucial when dealing with vendors, suppliers and other external business contacts. Regular updates on all products and service instruments to all suppliers and other alliances. Whether it is diversifying your business or expanding the entities, you can develop that intent through appropriate and timely communication. Consignment in Exports or IT functions depend on continuous input and output information processing.

Effective business communication is the art of sharing information in a positive and helpful fashion. Whether this information is being conveyed to employees or customers, boss or colleagues or your team it is important that the best method and atmosphere is created when sharing the information.

The final importance of effective business communication is it helps to facilitate innovative ideas and business models. This is only possible if both the employers and staff communicate well and feel comfortable to convey opinions and ideas. For instance, if you are considering launching a new product or policy or idea, and your staff is not showing the supportive communicative grounds, how will the product go through the life cylce within time and with least glitches, how soon will it get introducted in the market, how well your sales team resonate and performs and how the market responds to it.

For which, effective decision making, planning and execution strategies, teamwork, strong customer relationship and evaluation model will be need to be incorporated for which, you’ll need to be a great communicator!

Nirmiti Academy initiated Business Communication Program for such individual contributors, professionals, entrepreneurs to provide those communication tools and techniques which will help them to improve ability to communicate as a leader! Exploring spoken, written, Verbal and nonverbal ways of communication, presentations, interactive activities, problem solving and decision-making ability, giving and receiving feedback and much more to become a more persuasive communicator were some the program highlights.

A terrific blend of Startup owners, IT and Exports leads joined Business Communication program for three months and embarked on their journey with us!

Few topics that were highlighted during the entire program were:

Introduction to Business Communication

Stakeholders in Communication

Functional Presentation

Communication & Listening skills

Assertive Communication

Meeting Etiquette

Reviews and Feedback

Business English Grammar

Key learnings from the entire program was:

Resolve Conflicts and Promote inclusion

Encourage Feedback

Enhance business processes through effective communication strategies

Improve two-way communication

Overcome communication blunders

Revamp Business English

Surge overallproductivity

With over three months of participative model of learning, experiential learning, discovery learning techniques, Nirmiti Academy helped such professionals to overcome their communication flaws and become an effective communicator in their core businesses or organisational functions.

Sumit Palav one of the Startup Professional from SMM Media said “Glad to join this institute for improving my business communication skills, the sessions are nicely drafted. My confidence level to present myself in front of my clients is gradually going up by giving continual functional presentation. All the unique activities designed by Dipti Ma'am are very helpful to me. Thank you! Nirmiti Academy for such a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend to join Nirmiti Academy”

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Business Communication Program - April-July 2019

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