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Saraswathi Education Society’s High School Thane - Spoken English Program for Primary Teachers – Dec 2019

To Teach is to touch lives! And when you touch more than 100 souls a day, being a role model is given! Teachers at Saraswathi Education Society’s High School tirelessly teach and guide students from Grade 1 to Grade 5 everyday in various subjects and other non-academic subjects. The role of the teacher at primary level is to encourage learners to develop varied skills at formative age of schooling. Notwithstandingly, linguistic skills are mostly neglected.

Although the success of learning a language depends largely on how the learner is able to use it in their daily conversations, learning and producing English language is fairly difficult for many learners in primary schooling. As research shows, learning to speak English language fluently best occurs when the learner majorly interacts with his / her surroundings and how the teachers can provide learners with varied opportunities and a solid platform to communicate this language beyond classroom interactions.

Keeping the learners’ goal in mind, the Management of Saraswathi Education Society’s High School progressively charted a plan to upgrade the spoken English skills of their Primary teachers who in turn, will mould the students and their abilities to follow this language. Although our classroom learning sessions continue to emphasize the importance of writing and comprehension, it does not instil vigilant guidelines to imbibe speaking English language in their formal and informal interactions. Most of the students in cultural pockets of Thane city do not have the opportunity to speak in their schools or beyond.

He either feels anxious to speak this language openly or due to other pressures viz. societal, psychological or cultural, he prefers to be reticent and not speak out. Hence, teachers need to create new strategies and change the classroom dynamics. They need to adopt play-way, fun-based and activity-based teaching methods viz. roleplay, discussions, pair work and group work, projects, different tools of encouraging students and increase their willingness to speak. The teachers can only make this entire process successful by firstly improving their language and include the above natural strategies.

Considering these goals, Nirmiti Academy could outline a robust program of 16 hours exclusively conducted with the learning objectives:

Increased use of vocabulary

Correct common errors made in using Grammar

Communicate with greater ease and confidence

Able to speak English in daily conversations

Guide the young learners to gain more fluency and confidence

The 6-days power-packed sessions were designed to promote oral fluency and confidence in non-native English teachers. Although to cover all grammatical concepts was complex, the focus was set to correct the errors commonly made in using this language.

Speaking English is one of the most important skills of English language learners and education providers as well. As teachers, they have an arduous role to play in not only holding impeccable language skills but also mould the young learners in gaining fluency and accuracy.

The program closed with vote of thanks given by their lead and senior teacher Mrs. Sunita Mam along with the Head Mistress Mam Mrs. Meena for Nirmiti Academy team and Director, Mrs. Dipti Deepak. Kind words of gratitude were also shared by Principal Mam of Primary section to keep the morale and enthusiasm towards learning.

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Saraswathi Education Society’s High School Thane - Spoken English Program for Primary Teachers – Dec 2019

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