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Spoken English Program for Engineering and HR Students, July – November 2019

The capacity to learn is a gift; The ability to learn is a skill; The willingness to learn is a choice.

Nirmiti Academy began its Advanced program of Spoken English in July 2019 with a batch of two such boys who came with a willingness to learn and make a difference in their lives.

Siddesh Moundekar, a young boy, pursuing his studies in Engineering from Jondhale college of Engineering, Dombivili, is an active member of various committees in his college. Despite being an active member of these committees, he faced a lot of difficulties to address a huge mass of students and faculties. He often stammered and stumbled while speaking before a crowd. He was hesitant to speak in English since then. Most of the stakeholders in his environment would be more comfortable to communicate in regional languages. His comfort zone got him more reticent in his conversations. This constant hesitation led him to get out of touch with English language. Staying out of touch with the language only resulted in failure to speak English and increased errors in the usage of the language in daily conversations. His confidence was thus at a low ebb. Confidence comes not from always being right, but not fearing to be wrong. This lack of confidence caused a major setback in his academic and social life.

It was the willingness to learn and become confident that persuaded Siddesh to make this choice to join Nirmiti Academy. His journey with Nirmiti Academy continued to be the one with lots of exciting, interactive and fun-filled sessions and activities.

To join Siddesh in this learning journey was yet another young learner with a great determination and dedicated mind-set. Shardul Kamble, currently pursuing his distance education in Commerce and an HR internship, also joined Nirmiti Academy with a sheer determination to improve his Spoken English skills. Shardul, having come from a normal family was unable to get any proper exposure to English language since his childhood. He also never had a friends circle with whom he could interact in English. He gradually started facing troubles to communicate and convey his thoughts and opinions while attending for different interviews. This communication barrier and lack of confidence bought him to the steps of Nirmiti Academy. Shardul was inspired by the training methods adopted by Nirmiti Academy. He thus decided to walk the path towards success with Nirmiti Academy. Nirmiti Academy is happy to help him reach his destination by providing him with many exciting and fun-learning experiences and opportunities.

The Advanced course of Spoken English Program covered a wide range of Speaking and Brainstorming activities along with brushing up of Grammar Section, taking special care in building vocabulary too. As part of our Value added services opted by the young lads, we also prepared them in facing interviews confidently.

The learning outcomes of the program were as follows:

Building up of confidenceto speak English without fear.

Construction of strong vocabulary

Giving highly impressive presentationsin English language

Improve fluency in speaking along with accent neutralization

Mock interview practice and resume preparation

We were extremely elated to wish them all our best in pursuing their college aspirations as well kickstart internship with more zest and confidence!

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Spoken English Program for Engineering and HR Students, July – November 2019

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