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Spoken English, Grade 5 Students – May to June 2019

English has become the world’s most widely used and commonly spoken language today and the need to learn English for kids has increased exponentially with this growth. It one of the most influential languages in the world and hence parents must ensure that their children speak and communicate confidently in English. India Today recently spoke to three experts on the issues of skill development in Indian schools today and why is it gaining importance of evolving skill training from a young age. Nayana Mallapurkar, Program Head, TISS School of Vocational Education emphasised that the employable skills apart from the core skills as mentioned above should be introduced to school students from an early age of 6-7 years onwards in an incremental manner. Keeping this need of the hour, we welcomed Bhavika Kumar , a grade 5 student from NES International School who joined Nirmiti Academy to pursue Spoken English program and fulfil her 'Passion Project' requirements during this Summer!

It is important that parents teach their children English as almost every aspect of life now involves and requires some degree of English knowledge. As such, having an excellent knowledge of English, can greatly improve the odds of finding good employment. For kids it is a medium of language to communicate with their classmate, teachers, give their oral exams, speeches and many more. Nowadays many schools are encouraging kids to participate in presentation, public speaking to improve their speaking abilities and motivate them to face large crowd and build confidence to speak.

A child who is fluent in English and have greater career opportunities in the future, get the autonomy and independence to travel the world, improve their self-esteem and be enriched with all kinds of personal experiences to be able to communicate with people from different cultures and countries. Hence with these objective Nirmiti Academy trained youngest student on her English Speaking Skills. She was exposed to numerous topics in English such as grammar, topic presentation, self- introduction, newspaper reading and presentation of many articles. Solving grammar exercises, speaking sentences every day, involving in group discussions, reading books and talking about the same really boosted her confidence in the language and also made her an effective speaker.

Bhavika also worked on her Summer Project - Passion Project where she had to present her passion in school in front of her entire class. Passion Project Guidance was executed exceptionally well by Nirmiti Academy trainers. She made non only a Powerpoint Presentation but also a creative flipchart. Some aspects that were covered in the project were Introduction of her Passion – Piano, Live Demo on a song, Learning Journey of her passion, Process of her project making, some challenges, learnings and what change she would adopt to improve her speaking skills. Her solid practice and know-how on playing the synthesiser was commendable and her abilities got multiplied with everyday guidance by Nirmiti Academy and moreover by training her in effectively presenting and speaking about her passion and tools.

Bhavika expressed her kind words on her experience with Nirmiti Academy, she said my learnings were that she transformed from performer to presenter, Developed Interactive abilities, Improved her grammar skills and to Keep conversations short and crisp.

Nirmiti Academy closely work with youngest kids on language, conversational ability, summer and winter projects to guide and mentor them with essential vocational and life skills to explore in all aspects of their life.Few of our predecessors Sana, Naman, Aditi, Nived, and several students from Little Steps Daycare at Mhada Colony, Vasant Vihar have made us proud and so did our little Bhavika!

We wish her our mightiest best and look forward to see her once again at Nirmiti Academy!

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Spoken English – Grade 5 Students – May-June 2019

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