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Spoken English, Homemakers – March to May 2019

“Learning is like rowing upstream, resistance to learn only takes one downstream”.

In today’s world, where English has become a globally dominant language, you have to keep learning English and applying it in your life in the face of the rapid global advancement. The resistance and reluctance to learn the language and adopt it will only pull you back and drop you down.

Homemakers usually find it difficult to learn the language from the scratch or to improve and enhance their existing language and communication skills. Where, it is either their emotional block or environmental block that pulls them away from pusuing this language in their day-to-day living, it is their sheer determination, family and social pressure that enables them to fasten their seat belts to take up an adventurous journey. It is the journey of bringing significant and sustainable improvement in their English language skills that they take-off courageously. Homemakers have now started realising the importance of Spoken English in their personal and social life. Hence, they are now making use of their free time to upgrade themselves and their self-esteem. They have now started giving priority to themselves and investing in their present for a better tomorrow! As rightly said, self investment is the right investment!

Nirmiti Academy also was happy to provide a platform to two such well-determined and ambitious homemakers, who were set out on their journeys to make the best out of their lives. Ankita Dasadia, a homemaker from Gujarat, was a working professional for the last three years in Gujarat as a Program Coordinator in Gujarat Government. She had to settle down to Mumbai as her career destination post-marriage. With less knowledge of English and inadequate conversational and communication skills, finding a job was not a piece of cake in this city of dreams. She then decided to put her best foot forward in order to get herself empowered with English language. As soon as she thoughtfully decided to hire a mentor, she joined Nirmiti Academy with this objective in her mind. Throughout the learning at Nirmiti Academy for 2.5 months, she could see herself being transformed day by day with increased confidence to speak. Moreover, she also could face the interviews fearlessly with the confidence and presentation abilities gained from Nirmiti Academy’s Spoken English and Business Communication program.

Aastha Chauhan, another homemaker from the same batch, faced troubles in speaking English confidently while she moved from Agra to Mumbai post-marriage. Having completed her graduation in Engineering, it was difficult for her to find a job in Mumbai with her limited knowledge of English language. She would face loss of words and nerves whenevr she would need to face an interview or speak in English amidst focussed groups. Her family’s support and enthusiasm got her to pursue Spoken English and Business Communication program and seek the guidance of Nirmiti Academy to help her achieve her set goals. Nirmiti Academy was happy and proud to help her reach her destination and make her a confident English speaker. Certainly, with consistent and committed practice, she will gain more ease in using the language in daily situations.

The Spoken English program covered more of Basic Grammar, Building Vocabulary and a special attention was given towards the development of speaking skills by putting them through Group Discussions, Role-plays, Public Speaking, Real-life Simulations etc. At the end of the program, focused setps were taken to prepare them with formal introductions, presentations, resume writing and mock interview skills.

The learning outcomes of the program were:

Enhancement of English pronunciation and Accent Neutralization

Building the confidence to speak fearlessly

Construction of grammatically correct sentences

Improved fluency in speaking

Exhibit confidence in an interview questioning

So, if you feel humiliated, nervous or shy when you try to speak or understand English, don’t worry it’s NOT your fault and it’s never too late to learn! With Nirmiti Academy, you will find refreshing, new, experiential and effective methods and you will see a breakthrough in speaking excellent English! The programs are completely customised as per your needs and are conducted keeping up with the pace of the learner. Bigger thrust is placed on speaking and coping up with your challenges to adopt this language in your environment. Multiple practice sessions are planned to build comfort, conviction and capabilities. We wish both of them super success in all their future endeavors!

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Spoken English – Homemakers – March-May 2019

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