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Online Business English Program

Are you looking out for better career opportunities? Are you looking to move up the career ladder within your company? Do you wish to achieve bigger professional goals? Would you simply like to keep your professional options open? Learning English is an important step forward to all of the above goals.

As the private sector companies are becoming more competitive due to changed world economy, all the professionals are being kept on their toes. It is like either they work hard and show their performance or perish for not taking care of their professional growth. Efficient use of English language is essential to remain employable. English communication skills play a very important role in the professional growth. It is essential to express fluently in both written as well as oral form of English language for the career growth.

English is the most commonly used language in the corporate world. English has become one of the most significant employability skills. The way in which you communicate and how your words are interpreted helps you to maintain strong and lasting business relations.

Business English Program at Nirmiti Academy helps you to manage your interactions and communication with everyone at your workplace and outside efficiently. The program will work on developing the ability to express formal communication in oral as well as in written form. The program will focus on better vocabulary suitable to your professional needs and requirements. It will also work on improving your communication skills by way of helping you to understand the different tones and styles that can be used in business contexts.

Highlights of the Online Business English program

Get greater exposure of experienced professionals from varied industries across the country

Cultivate Structured Speech

Up-skill yourself in English communication from your comfort zone amidst the chaos

Refine your Business English vocabulary

Conduct yourself in an impactful manner in all discussions, meetings and presentations

Interact, brainstorm, discuss and know more about each other’s industries and roles

Know how to draft your emails accurately and appropriately

Cultivate seamless and impactful style of English communication

Gain competitive edge and massive learning in Communication and Business English competencies

Practice of Business Presentations

Aid your career growth, job enlargement or change, promotions and interviews

Why Nirmiti Academy’s Online Programs?

Safe learning at home

Live interactive sessions

Pocket-friendly rates

20 Hours of experiential Learning sessions to start with

Customized and focused groups of learning

Individual feedback and weekly assessments

Wide variety of programs with different scale, levels and flexible time period

Easy to learn and understand with tried and tested activities

Certificate of Completion

If you are a professional or a corporate, who would like to utilize your free time in developing your skills or your team’s skills and gaining confidence in English, you can contact us on

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