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Combo Program for School students:
English Speaking + Youth Leadership + Public Speaking Program

Some of us have a good command over English language but get ‘cold feet’ and ‘freeze’ when we face a large crowd of audience. Some may not be able to find the connect between the thought and the word when there is a mic in front of them. And then there are some who may have difficulties in expressing their thoughts using the right English language with the right amount of confidence.

Nirmiti Academy proudly presents the exclusive program ‘Activate to Lead’ which is a super combo program of English Speaking, Youth Leadership and Public Speaking for School Students. This combo program has been designed to focus majorly on how to become a fluent and effective speaker on stage as well as in social/academic conversations. Through our program, children learn to interact in English fluently, project confidence, structure thoughts as well as express opinions impactfully with the right words and tone and lead their way into academic and personal success.

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Course Contents:

Master verbal and non-verbal skills

Overcome nervousness and build super confidence

Cultivate and project personal leadership qualities

Able to think and express in English

Regulate your body language expressions

Social and Professional Etiquette

Understand and correct sentence construction errors

Learn Grammar and vocabulary in the play-way method

Adopt creative speaking and presentation techniques

Increase focus and goal - orientation

Bring awareness on how to increase your know-how and content

Why Nirmiti Academy’s Online Program?

Safe and solid learning from home

Customised live interactive sessions

Activity based and practical learning

Interaction with national and international students

Upgraded levels of programs in 1 / 3 / 6 months duration

Individual feedback and weekly assessments

Focused group interaction

Wide variety of programs to choose

Pocket – friendly rates

Certificate of completion

We, at Nirmiti Academy take immense pleasure pride in providing an experiential learning experience which shape students to cultivate future leaders! Plan your transformational journey today!

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Batch Duration
20 hours of Live interactive training session on Zoom

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