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Online Public Speaking Program

Communication allows us to network, effect decisions, and inspire change. Without effective communication skills, the capability to grow in the competitive world and in personal life, itself, would be nearly impossible.

Public speaking is one of the most feared forms of communication. Public speaking is not conducted only in boardrooms or training rooms. It is not for professionals only! It can have a huge impact on your career and level of success in life. Truly, it affects simple, everyday interactions between students, friends, teachers, co-workers, bosses and employees, and clients.

Nirmiti Academy’s Online Public Speaking program focuses majorly on how to become an effective speaker on stage as well as in social and academic conver/sations. Through our program we teach individuals on how interact, project confidence, structure thoughts and opinions effectively. We are filled with pride and glee that our Online Public Speaking program has crossed international borders and have equipped kids with super confidence right from US, UK, Switzerland, China, Dubai, Kuwait, Doha, and Australia.

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Highlights of Online Public Speaking Program:

Understand various aspects of Public Speaking in a minimum of 20 classes of Level 1

Master verbal and non-verbal skills

Bring awareness on how to increase your know-how and content

Overcome nervousness and build super confidence

Manage feedback, questions and criticism of the audience fearlessly

Participate in giving and receiving feedback

Handle presentation tools confidently

Adopt creative speaking and presentation techniques

Gain employable and life skills

Learn to scale up your content and extent of your subject through Level 2

Create balance and well-rounded personal image

Why Nirmiti Academy’s Online Program?

Safe learning at home

Customised live interactive sessions

Activity based and practical learning

Interaction with national and international students

Upgraded levels of programs in 1 / 3 / 6 months duration

Individual feedback and weekly assessments

Focused group interaction

Wide variety of programs to choose

Pocket – friendly rates

Certificate of completion

We at Nirmiti Academy majorly focus on enhancing individuals’ speaking, communication and presentation skills which makes them feel confident about themselves.

Through our Online Public Speaking program, we aim to provide help and assistance to individuals so that they start appreciating their strengths and work on their areas of improvement which in a way gives them a competitive edge over others!

Through structured, methodical process along with healthy mix of discussions, presentations, role-plays, personalized hand-holding ensures transformation at an overall level in every child!

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