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In today’s world, English turns into the most significant and striking methods for global communication. The increasing demand for English language in advanced education and research over the last decades is often thought to be an equal and unavoidable process bringing about improved international academic correspondence around the world. English plays an indispensable role in spreading knowledge of any kind.

Proficient and skilled use of the English language can open up many opportunities when you wish to join a reputed educational institution of your choice. When there are many promising overseas opportunities awaiting you to pursue your education to a new level, language barrier and lack of confidence can possibly create a hurdle in your path of achieving your dream.

At Nirmiti Academy, we give the right exposure of English language to the students to help them to achieve their dreams. We have been instrumental in laying strong foundations of English language for numerous students from various educational streams and grades.

Our Basic Spoken English program helps the students to create a strong foundation of the English language in a robust manner. The interactive element of the program engages students in the learning journey without creating any obstacles for themselves. The program focuses on building up your ability to construct basic sentences along with a robust model of speaking activities. This program is specially designed to work on overcoming your fear of English language and nervousness to use English in a meaningful manner.

Our Advanced Spoken English Program will get you a step closer to achieving your dream. This program is the perfect design for the students to get on to effortless speaking mode. The tried and tested activities of Nirmiti Academy will just add yet another feather to your cap. The program will work towards bringing out a new and confident ‘You’. This program gives an equal focus on grammar basics and sentence construction, building vocabulary, fluency, communication skills and conversational abilities. This is the perfect program suitable for your future pursuits of finding the right specialisation course or job for yourself. It prepares and grooms you to be the best performer in group discussions, real – life conversation scenarios and interviews.

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Highlights of Spoken English Program:

Makes you an effective English speaker in real life situations

Meaningful expression of ideas, thoughts and feelings in the perfect way

Proper articulation and usage of impactful vocabulary

Develop the fluency in English language with correct pronunciation

Attainment of academic goals and dreams without low self esteem

Feel accepted and included by speaking the same language as others

Creation of a confident version of yourself

Excel in interviews or any other professional assessments

Interact with colleagues or peers with greater ease

Preparedness to be a confident English Speaker in meetings and discussions at your institution

How we help You to “Transform”

Nirmiti Approach
Fun based and interactive learning through BASIC SPOKEN ENGLISH PROGRAM with a strong foundation of English language with the perfect verbiage and greater accuracy. Integrate English in all social and academic situations.
Flourish in all your academic pursuits and discover your path to success with ADVANCED SPOKEN ENGLISH PROGRAM that will mould you to be a confident and fluent English Speaker. Works on your overall Persona and exuberates confidence in all setting.

Go the Nirmiti way!

Ranked #1 in Personality Development courses in Thane city

Recognised as one of the Top 10 Personality Development Institutions in India by Silicon India in 2019

Success stories of more than 1500+ participants from varied fields viz. Engineering, Management, Pharma, Consultancy, IT and ITES, Arts, Education, Law, Business and Entrepreneurship, Construction, Sales and Marketing, Finance, etc

Highly skilled in Classroom, blended and Online Learning courses in Soft Skills, English Language skills and Leadership Skills

Uniquely designed methodology with international techniques and customised for diverse learning needs

Equipped with Professional training centre situated right in the heart of Thane city

Well balanced and flexible weekly and Saturday sessions

Suits everyone's pockets

Adopts Experiential and fun learning methods

Instils Collaborative and Project based learning

Rigorous speaking practice and guided feedback

Conducts Micro batches, Individual and group Coaching

Ensures Positive transformation in all aspects of life!

“If you want to be as competent and confident as others in English language skills, contact us at myneed@nirmitiacademy.com and arrange a free consultation and assessment right away!”
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This excellent course is for creating young and smart minds like ‘You’! If you are a student aiming to study abroad or achieve your dream academic goals, then this course is just for you!