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Major Leadership aspect

“Nothing in life is more important than the ability to communicate effectively.” – Gerald R. Ford

Various forms of communications invades today’s working environment. With numerous job interviews, conference calls, meetings, product presentations, workshops and public events, an ever increasing number of business pioneers and leaders realize the significance of developing good interpersonal communication skills inside their organization. Still most of the executives and employees turn a blind eye on the use of public speaking, leaving the promotions and better career opportunities for those who are extremely enthusiastic and passionate to master the art of speaking in public.

The truth is that you might have the best products or services, years of experience or an exceptional business idea, but if you do not communicate this to your target audiences, you are keeping the lid on your performance and effectiveness. Many a times, the very best and inspiring stories in organization and companies go untold and unnoticed because of people’s reluctance to the fear of making that big appearance.

The reason why we fear it is anticipated and deep-rooted. Our brains are three to four times bound to sense a risk than a reward. So when confronted with a group of people, you turn to threat mode.

Let us bust few Myths that people fall prey to!

Public speaking skills is an inborn talent and cannot be nurtured.

Most of the world’s known public speakers have prepared and trained themselves to perform through perseverance, preparation and practice. There is nothing to these skills that cannot be nurtured.

Public Speaking is a lot simpler than what you think!

Do you remember learning to drive a bike or cycle? Didn’t it look simple until you mounted on one? Exactly, with Public Speaking too, undermining it as simple will only cave in complacency and over confidence.

If you can talk with 2 or more friends, you can definitely deliver a presentation before an audience.

Talking is way different than Speaking in a formal setting. There are many factors that need your attention to detail.

PowerPoint Presentation is Public Speaking!

PowerPoint is simply a visual tool and an aid of presenting your ideas. It does not replace the primary tool i.e the Speaker and his craft!

Public Speakers are real masters. They never have any troubles!

To err is human! It’s even true with the strongest and the mightiest creators of history. The known and famous in the Public Speaking world too have flawed but, are ready to sharpen their saws everyday!

If you face stage fright, you are a coward!

Few people believe and accept that stage fright is an indication of their shortcoming and lack of public speaking skills. This could be far beyond and besides the truth.

No one gets away from the surge of adrenaline that stings one and all before appearing in front of a crowd of people. The effective speakers have figured out how to transform and use fear to oil their wheels.

Regardless of whether your objective is to augment your professional growth, expand your business , or inspire, persuade and motivate other people to follow your lead, you should invest your time and intent in acquiring and honing Public Speaking Skills to present your ideas in a clear, organized and spellbinding ways.

Fear is not just a typical response to a public speaking event, but in reality, it steps up our performance. Psychologists admit that some amount of fear raises your consciousness, enhances your concentration, sharpens your reasoning ability and gives you a power boost. Most of the speakers are driven by fear to perform better during the actual presentation than during the rehearsal.

However, with Nirmiti Academy’s Public Speaking program, you will strike off one of the most dreaded but essential goal on your professional advancement ladder.

Do I Need Public Speaking?

Public speaking is an act and an art of making a speech before a crowd of people. Everybody between the age of 10 and 90 has at some point in their lives come across situations where they have needed to speak publically. In any case, narrating an episode at a corporate party, presenting yourself in class or delivering a paper at a conference does not consequently make you a public speaker.

It is not sufficient to talk in front of a group of people to be a splendid public speaker. Your objective should not be constrained with educating your audience or voicing your thoughts publically, but leaving your audience moved by the words and touched by their meaning.

The art of public speaking carries many factual and practical benefits whether you are delivering a project presentation or conducting an extraordinary meeting.

Many job interviews, particularly for higher working levels, now require a presentation to the jury of interviewers.

It does not matter what industry you are in, what matters is that you need to speak clearly and confidently to make headway with your team and your career.

If you get apprehensive about giving presentations or leading meetings at work, this public speaking program for professionals at Nirmiti Academy will help you speak up powerfully when it matters the most. 

And if your public speaking skills are hindering your career, this course will give you the right tools and a platform that you need to speak like a leader.

Highlights of the Program

Builds awareness on your current levels and competencies.

Aids your understanding and acceptance of your fears

Engages in practicing various methods of Speaking

Manage your nerves with the help of few quick fix tools

Regulates your body language to make an impact

Augments your professional growth and success

Prepares to compose your formal and informal speeches

Helps you to communicate your thoughts and ideas in a far structured and logical manner

Encourages you to participate in social and conversational events at workplace

After the program, you will find yourself speaking in a way that will influence or change people’s minds and decisions.
If you have mastered that skill of changing hearts and minds and learning how to persuade, you have sharpened one of the major aspects of leadership. You acquire the capacity to drive change as a Speaker, Mentor and Guide.

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